Tool kit talk: Try to reverse the plunge with a song

Are you having a great start to the year?  You may have started with the best of intentions and then found that you have fallen off track. 

Guess what that is normal!!! But reversing the plunge is often easier than you think. 

We all have good and bad days.  It’s the law of polarity.  What you have to learn to do, is get yourself back on track and not stay in the bad feeling place for too long.

The 1st step is to become aware that is what is happening.  Recognise it and acknowledge it.  Know that it will get better, it always does.  You can’t have down without an up, inside without an outside.  Explore ways for yourself that you can change this feeling. 

I woke up on Sunday morning with the feelings of doubt and fear creeping into my mind about what I wanted to achieve this year and would it really be possible.  I started to second guess myself.  It was that inner self-sabotaging talk that wasn’t serving me at all.  I had to really reason with myself and get myself out of the feeling of “stuckness”  for want of a better word.  I brought up the image of my goal into my mind and instantly felt a shift in my feeling. I reversed the plunge.

I also played this song.  You may have a song that is your go to that makes you feel better.  When you listen to this song you can’t help but get caught up in the “feeling” of the song and you may even find yourself dancing\

Find the recipe that works for you .  You don’t have to stay stuck for days on end.  It will always get better.  Just know that you can speed up the process so you can get back on the track that you want to be on.

Have a productive week!!!

Rachael 🙂