Testimonials: The why we do this

Wondering why we set this site up in the first place? Read the results below: what we do works, and works well. 

“Rachael has a unique set of skills that enable her to relate easily to a very broad range of clients. Her practical and down to earth nature ensures Rachael is approachable and empathetic. I particularly admire Rachael’s ability to think differently, view things from many perspectives and develop solutions that empower her clients to develop new habits and approaches that will bring the results they desire. I find Rachael to be an individual of high integrity who genuinely cares about those she engages with. If you are looking to make changes in your life, or even if you are not sure what the next step is but you know you are not happy with an area of your life, I would recommend you have a conversation with Rachael. She will “get you” and your situation and has an exceptional ability to uncover solutions for better results.”

Alison Rogers, EIS Property  TAS

“You cannot put a price on the impact Rachael Downie and the Thinking into Results program has given me. With my business, personally, my family and my investments. An absolute life-changing mentor!! I highly encourage committing to the program. You will recognise the importance of being yourself, believing in yourself and changing past behaviour or patterns that can hold you back in business and personal life.  Focus on your goal and just go for it, take action every day. Break through your fears and experience the freedom and growth. It is a phenomenal feeling. The little wins breed the big one. Rachael is a tremendous leader full of knowledge, wisdom, guidance, compassion and understanding and held me accountable. I am truly grateful for the results that have shown up in my life.  Thank you Rachael for changing my life.”

Lisa Forster, Bachali Boutique, TAS


“Rachael has a way of getting right to the core of the issue, leading you to uncover the things that are holding you back through a series of thought provoking questions, and then supporting you to implement new actions and habits to achieve the results you want in life. The change I can see in myself through the program under Rachael’s Guidance is nothing short of amazing.  I don’t even recognize the person I was a month ago, let alone six months ago when I started Thinking into Results. I highly recommends Rachael’s coaching services and the Thinking Into Results program to anyone looking to make significant and lasting change in their lives.”

Deirdre Amies NSW


“Rachael has shown an exceptional level of empathy and insight which has been instrumental in me identifying areas that I can pursue growth and improvement in my business and personal life. Rachael’s acquired knowledge combined with her own life experience and ability to convey the information has been an amazing resource for me to launch my own journey of learning and growth. This has allowed me to develop both my personal and professional lives. I will always be grateful to Rachael for sharing her knowledge with me.”

Andrew Jurd, Physiotherapist, TAS