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Graham - Culture Shaping and Service Excellence: Create the workplace you need 

  • Want the best team building courses coach there is? Graham Gourlay –  known as "The organisational toxin handler", will peel back the layers that create a toxic culture, and mine the gold that’s there. He’s the expert, and will have your team motoring like a well-oiled machine.
  • Graham has worked with huge teams from the ATO down to small business, and he's joined the Hotplate group to deliver the best results for you and your business
  • Once you have experienced and learned this scientifically validated approach, you’ll be able to create the desired, high performance/high well-being culture wherever your career takes you.

Begin now and find the success you deserve. Email Graham here  for a free consultation.

You will learn by doing – practising – how to build and maintain an empowered, high performing team using open, honest conversation and a positive approach.

Understanding that people love to work in these environments and workplaces is key to the breakthrough you’ll experience; it’s enjoyable, fun, satisfying, collaborative, stress and bullying-free.  Naturally – everyone is highly productive. Graham is the best team building coach there is. Experience it for yourself. 

"I consider Graham Gourlay to be a remarkable teacher in this field and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to effect positive changes in their organisation." Team Manager, ATO.

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The Jigsaw. Finding the best fit for your staff - Get Off the Hotplate with: 

Gil: Building Success- what's your true worth? $60K or $2Million?

  • In an environment of unrelenting change, the success of any workplace must be matched by staff flexibility.  Gil Sawford meshes the ‘career’ of the organisation with the careers of its staff. 
  • It’s this vital connection which the Rightplacement process addresses and is missing in too many workplaces. In a ground breaking win/win course, staff find their best fit, and help their workplace thrive using Gil Sawford's unique “RightPlacement” approach
  • Join us for an insightful, stimulating journey into understanding the big picture of work – in his revolutionary team building courses, Gil digs deep. Guaranteed: After this program you’ll see everything differently. 

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Online Program:

Session One – The Future of Work and Working – Key aha! moment: How much are you worth? $60K or $2 million?

Session Two – Personal Success and Understanding self

Connecting the business with the individual, finding your true value, your vision and how that matches with where you are. Does it all align? If not, let’s find out why. Do the values of the business align with the staff? What networks are there to support the staff and the business through tough times?

Session Three – Personal Direction

Building your own personal identity, identifying the opportunities you have in front of you, the opportunities that lie in the business and beyond, working on the goals that you set for your life path and career. Developing strategies to achieve those goals.

Session Four – Personal Transition

An in depth look at how you manage your career path, from nailing that ambitious step up you may have in mind, to becoming a confident, in charge member of your workplace, and taking control of your career.

Session Five – Follow-up through Skype


As a result of this process, participants will:

  • find their best fit at work, in life
  • match personal directions with future work/life opportunities
  • develop a more adaptable mindset
  • become active and creative participants in change
  • take on shared responsibility for career management
  • enhance contribution through increased motivation and commitment
  • see future work/lifestyle possibilities and opportunities
  • develop a clear sense of personal values, purpose and direction
  • identify and use skills in future situations

“Not only have the participants in this course developed themselves through Gil, but also the organisation has benefited greatly.”

Ask Gil about his team building courses today.