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Celebrity chefs come unstuck at the pass


Fixing a restaurant’s culture includes changing who profits A great article from Meghan McCarron of Eater Magazine about the fall out from the #MeToo movement in the food world. Celebrity chefs behaving badly. What’s the deal? Not much it would seem. by Meghan McCarron  “Four months since the #MeToo movement roared to life, the airing…

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Top chefs, signature dishes, genius?


How top chefs develop their signature dishes Brainwaves: Aerated washed rind cheese with apple and sobacha biscuit at Sepia. Photo: Christopher Pearce Here’s an article recently in Good Food that absolutely highlights just how high the bar is in the rarefied atmosphere of top chefs, signature dishes and how they develop them. Inspiration? Yes. Perspiration? Absolutely,…

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