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The abusive boss: the upside to those dark clouds


The Upside to Being Screamed at, All the Time, for Everything Life’s a learning curve, right? Then why does it take so long for us to learn some lessons? An abusive boss can be hell on earth, particularly if you’re young, wanting to please, and terrified of rocking the boat. Quit? Hell, where would I…

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15 Reasons Laura quit: Chef stress and solutions


The latest big name chef suicides are just the tip of the iceberg. Here it is, straight from the hip. And if you can’t handle the word f***k, read no further. Laura lays it out. And I will not edit it. They’re her words. Chef stress solutions – her take.  If you’re not from the…

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The front of house divide: Where’s the team building?


That front of house divide can loom large in too many restaurants, and create a schism that is fatal for the business. Team building exists in way too few businesses. Here, Damien Lowe who, like me, has trodden both paths, shares his take on the reasons, and a solution. I’m not sure I agree that…

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Is there Michelin relevance now or not?


Is there still Michelin relevance? Or is the cost just too high? A while back, I toyed with the idea of setting up a completely new system of restaurant ratings, based on the chefs. Michelin relevance had hit rough waters with accusations of corruption, irregularities, and a growing irrelevance in the post modern digital age.…

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Manage like a boss: 8 words that turn you into a recruitment genius


Recruitment genius? We’ve found it! Hi to all who love what we’re doing at Off the Hotplate, and even to those who are just mildly curious. It’s a fresh initiative aimed at helping culinary people be better, have better lives, in a better industry. Apart from our awesome courses that deliver those much needed emotional…

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Chef talk: Glenn Flood, Jamie Oliver and Masterchef


Glenn Flood is truly Australia’s chef for all seasons – having worked in five star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, corporate catering and then beside the greats on television with Jamie Oliver, Heston, Marco, René Redzepi, Masterchefs including Gary Mehigan and Thomas Keller, among others….. The list is long, and Glenn will tell you he’s only…

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Chef talk: Henry Anderson, on board with marine catering


Henry Anderson has what seemed to me an unusual job –  marine catering. I was interested – exactly what is marine catering? He consults on big ships, bringing their kitchens (i.e. galleys) into shape and training their staff to deliver amazing quality food to ship’s officers and crew on time, and on budget, in line…

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Chef talk: Christian Heidenreich, a chef with ‘no regrets’

cheftalk-christian-heidenreich-Port Douglas Bill Clinton 1996

A good chef can travel the world and always work, always contribute, and that’s the core driver for Christian Heidenreich, whose home in Austria was a springboard to the world. Christian considers himself still a chef today, and he will always be a chef, even though it’s been 8 years since he dug deep in…

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Chef talk: Paul Rifkin leads our culinary leaders


Funny isn’t it? How life sometimes seems to have its own plan for us, and Paul Rifkin, recently resigned as Executive Chef at the Campbelltown Catholic Club where he ruled the stoves for nearly 17 years, is a prime example of that. Paul fell into cooking, having begun an archaeology degree at uni, followed by an apprenticeship…

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