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Rachel Smith profiles the hotplate, and easing the pressure


Easing the pressure Rachael Smith, in writing for Restaurant and Caterers’ Association Magazine, shines the spotlight on Off the Hotplate, and why it’s so needed in the industry today. Rachel interviewed me and others about pressure, our whys and wheres, and comes to the conclusion that yes, the industry needs to change. Now. Here’s her…

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Rachael Downie shares her recovery wisdom


For recovery wisdom: Sharpen the Saw Here, Rachael shares some dynamite recovery wisdom. Something all hospitality peeps need to acknowledge and accept. Tired is as tired does, and burn out helps no one.  “I attended a conference a number of years ago where one of the speakers talked about Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly…

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Rachael Downie pin-points the major difference that great self-belief can make


Self belief? Only for the big achievers? Think again. Everyone has a self-confidence and self-image problem.  Everybody!!  At first I didn’t really believe that but as I got talking with people, everyone has got a secret, everyone has got stuff that they have done and they keep judging themselves and keep paying the price for things that happened…

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How a restaurant survives and keeps its employees happy


62-Year-Old Classic Casa Vega Keeps Its Employees Happy An article from Eater Magazine LA that might shine some light on how to do things right. Employee support and respect shouldn’t be a rarity, and pays dividends obviously.  The iconic Sherman Oaks restaurant has created a home for immigrant restaurant workers in the San Fernando Valley…

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Colin Fassnidge and kitchen team abuse


Colin Fassnidge, chef in reality or a reality chef? This is an article from Good Food written by Myffy Rigby, that shines some badly needed light on just how brutal kitchens can be. It’s a tradition that even top chefs seem loathe to change, and it wasn’t until Colin himself couldn’t get anyone to work…

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The Power of Teamwork in the Kitchen

Great teamwork in the kitchen

A great piece written by Paul Sorgule, for the American Culinary Federation, which absolutely sums up the importance of teamwork. Particularly in a kitchen. You need a good team in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy.  By Paul Sorgule, M.S., AAC The parallels to sports are everywhere. Although the kitchen brigade was based on a…

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Small steps = big journey


Every journey begins with those small steps. Often people have a strong desire to achieve or be something but have no idea how to get there or accomplish it, from their point current of view, the dream seems impossible. If you have a dream, should you just give up now? Absolutely not !!! Having learnt…

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Success = a strong mind


“If you think you are beaten you are. If you think you dare not, you don’t. If you like to win but think you can’t It’s almost certain you won’t. If you think you’ll lose you’re lost. For out of the world we find Success begins with a fellow’s will – It’s all in the…

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Discipline is the secret to success, and here’s how


What do you think is the hardest thing to do ? “It is the self-discipline to control the mental conversations that you carry on with yourself,” Neville Goddard.  I have been working with a few of you who want to really improve their inner talk to being positive and having phenomenal results. And I’d love…

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