Stepping out – of your comfort zone

Part of Rachael’s work includes getting clients to take a long hard look at their lives. What works, what doesn’t. Stepping out of that comfort zone is a good start.

“Today, seriously consider the impact that each and every decision you are making has on your life. It’s easy to go on autopilot and proceed through life as if our expectations and our thoughts have nothing to do with creating our current circumstances.” Bob Proctor

How often do you just go through the motions of your life? How much of your time is spent unhappy, dissatisfied, and frustrated.

Alena Chapman, the author of the new book. The Prison Effect, says that “We all have times that are very difficult. When these times hit, it is hard to admit that the life we have worked to create and always believed was the right way to live is now falling apart.

The dream job has turned into a nightmare. The fairy-tale wedding doesn’t have the happy ever after. There always seems to be one thing after another.

This is actually a great opportunity to become aware of where you are actually going, take stock of your life and look for changes that you need to make.. How you want to change is your choice. Be open to the truth of your situation. You have the ability to step back and look at your life and really evaluate it. What is influencing you that might be keeping you stuck? What beliefs aren’t serving you anymore?

You have a choice to really make a decision about what you want for you , Decide from a point of clarity, who do you want to become? How do you want to feel? What do you want for your life? And what is the best way to proceed?

I think everyone must know, deep down inside, there is something better. Life is a gift. You have a purpose and infinite potential.

It is time to believe in your dreams, yourself and your abilities. Taking that first step out of your unhappy comfort zone is not only possible but necessary.

Have a wonderful week.