Raising your spirits can be easier than you think

Rachael shares some wisdom and gets into raising your spirits. Here’s how:

“Last week I shared with you about how to get unstuck and you could do that through reasoning with yourself, focusing on your goal, listening to a piece of uplifting music. When you do this you change how you are feeling.
My focus for this year is about entering into the spirit of it. What does that mean? You have 3 parts that make up you: Spirit, Intellect and the Physical. The intellect is the part that is concentrated on through school, courses and learning, it’s the conscious part of your mind.
We tend to focus on the Intellect and Physical and forget about the Spirit. The physical part is really all the mechanics and processes of the day. This is where you tend to just go through the motions. You aren’t really present. You get up, follow your same routine, you might hop into your car and get to work or dropping the kids off and you can’t even remember how you got there.
Have you ever experienced this? Me too. I wasn’t even in the car! However if the Spirit part of me had been I would have been present. Another great example is a horse rider and their horse. In riding competitions you know the rider and the horse that have become fused as one. You can just feel it, can’t you? This is connection with spirit. Really being present and experiencing the livingness of it.
You could apply this to anything you do: Your interactions with staff; going to a job you don’t enjoy; your golf game playing with your children; your relationships with family, friends. Enter into the spirit of being present in all you do. Your Spirit is what makes you – You!!! It is always there, perfect and with infinite potential.
“ We enter into the spirit of an author, even into the spirit of a game, and it makes all the difference both to us and to that into which we enter. A game without any spirit is a poor affair, and association in which there is no spirit falls to pieces.“ Thomas Troward
What can you do today that will bring more of your spirit to all that you do?
Have a fabulous start to the week !!!