Rightplacement – career management with Gil, find the best fit for you or your staff

The Rightplacement course is combined with the Building Success online workshop.

In an environment of unrelenting change, the success of any workplace must be matched by staff flexibility.  Gil Sawford meshes the ‘career’ of the organisation with the careers of its staff.  It’s this vital connection which the Rightplacement process addresses and is missing in too many workplaces.



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Here are course details, in case you were wondering.

Online Program:

Session One – The Future of Work and Working – Key aha! moment: How much are you worth? $60K or $2 million?

Session Two – Personal Success and Understanding self

Connecting the business with the individual, finding your true value, your vision and how that matches with where you are. Does it all align? If not, let’s find out why. Do the values of the business align with the staff? What networks are there to support the staff and the business through tough times?

Session Three – Personal Direction

Building your own personal identity, identifying the opportunities you have in front of you, the opportunities that lie in the business and beyond, and working on the goals that you set for your life path and career. Developing strategies to achieve those goals.

Session Four – Personal Transition

An in depth look at how you manage your career path, from nailing that ambitious step up you may have in mind, to becoming a confident, in charge member of your workplace, and taking control of your career.

Session Five – Follow-up through Skype


As a result of this process, participants will:

  • find their best fit at work, in life
  • match personal directions with future work/life opportunities
  • develop a more adaptable mindset
  • become active and creative participants in change
  • take on shared responsibility for career management
  • enhance contribution through increased motivation and commitment
  • see future work/lifestyle possibilities and opportunities
  • develop a clear sense of personal values, purpose and direction
  • identify and use skills in future situations

In short, participants move from Employment Dependence to the flexibility of Employability Security.


Being in the right job, with the right organisation, at the right time is the most effective way to build career success

  1. Mindset
  • Critically analyse perceptions of employment, work and career
  • Broaden ideas and changes in ways of thinking 
  • Focus thinking on the future
  • Understand true value in the labour market
  1. Adaptability
  • Learn to be proactive and more strategic with work and career
  • Learn that change is not the end of the world
  • Understand the need to adapt to change and to encourage change when appropriate
  1. Career Development
  • Develop new perspectives for looking at career management
  • Understand the uncertainty and emergence of career
  • Realisation of self as an asset and the interconnectedness with self, organisation and society
  • Understanding that career must be examined in a more holistic manner and include all aspects and facets of life
  1. Commitment
  • Focus on the broader picture
  • Work for the organisation you want to work with, doing the work you want to do
  • Able to make a real difference
  1. Loyalty
  • Develop loyalty to self and to the organisation
  • Realisation of right-fit with organisation
  • Individual reputations are enhanced through connection to a learning organisation
  1. Contribution
  • Have valuable expertise that can be put to use in a range of contexts
  • Think more clearly about goals, meaning, purpose and values
  1. Performance
  • Revitalised and motivated by the need for constant learning
  • Build confidence and the ability to improve
  • Understanding of knowledge and capabilities in being able to learn and implement new ideas
  • Encouraged to take risks and move forward
  1. Productivity
  • Keen to take on new challenges and find work much more rewarding
  • Create new possibilities for current work and invent new scenarios for the future

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