Get your life on track with Lalita – our health and well being expert

Over the period of 4 weeks you will discover simple self-empowering techniques that you can use anywhere, any time that will  allow you to create the life you have always wanted. You will learn how to let go of your past and present reality that is no longer working for you and make lasting changes.

There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and support and you are encouraged to bring along any challenges you are experiencing and receive hands on practical guidance to address them.

By the end of the very first session you will walk away knowing how to use this technique to change any emotional, mental or physical state you would rather not be experiencing

Course Goals:

  • How and why we have problems and how your mind works
  • How to release the blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • How to take control of your stress and emotions
  • Learn to release your old, unwanted habits and behaviours
  • Make changes in all areas of your life
  • Skills to handle any challenge that arises in your life
  • Ways to improve relationships at work and home life
  • Learn to heal old emotional hurts and become more emotionally intelligent

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Session 1.

The Real Cause of All Our Problems and Stress

Your health and well being is the most important part of your life. Here you will learn how our problems are created, what’s happening in the mind as you experience your challenges, and how to make the changes for lasting results. You will  develop the ability to change the subconscious programming that has caused whatever problems you are currently experiencing. From illness to financial stress, from personal relationships to management concerns everything you experience is based on your core programming and that programming can be changed. To change the results you’re experiencing in your life, you need to change the data in your subconscious.

Science has caught up with how the brain works. Neuro-plasticity is the new buzz word.

Yes, the brain CAN change and I can show you how it is possible to change your mind. Create great health and well-being.

Session 2

How and Why Tapping Works

Tapping is the next big trend in self-help, personal growth and alternative health. You may have seen it on Oprah, Dr. Oz, athletes at the Olympics or You Tube. Tapping is used in rehab centres, schools, hospitals, trauma centres, by doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Thousands of people are tapping to relieve aches and pains, fears and phobias, traumas and emotional distress, as well as to lose weight, conquer addiction, enhance sleep and build greater confidence and self-esteem.

All over the world people are enjoying the benefits of tapping and living a happy and peaceful life! Once you start tapping, you will never go back.

Session 3

Two Models Of The World

There are two main ways of seeing the world and the model you currently operate from will determine how much control you have over what happens to you. It will determine whether or not you are hurt by others, whether or not you experience adversity, whether or not others have power over you and whether or not you are at the mercy of your environment, bad luck and unfortunate circumstances.

It is true that we were at the mercy of the world around us as babies but now as adults, we have the ability to take over the controls. To take back full ownership of our life and I can show you how to do this.

Recognising your own ability to control how you feel and respond to the world around you will not only help you to feel happier it will also affect your choices, decisions, the way you react and respond, the way you communicate, the impression you give to others and so much more. Choosing to change your model of the world is simple, but it will take determination and the decision to empower yourself with this new tool that will help you change your perceptions and thinking patterns.

Session 4

Self Limiting Beliefs

We are all born with great hopes and dreams for our lives but faulty outdated unconscious beliefs, programs and patterns stop us from living the life we deserve. We get stuck in a repetitive negative cycle of the same mistakes, issues and   relationships. We go through life making one bad decision after another, suffering one setback after another, without knowing why. It seems we are helpless to stop it.

The Faster EFT tapping technique helps you to get to the root cause of the limiting belief and help you change the old, negative patterns and programs in the mind into new, positive images with new resources and beliefs. You will get back your health and well being, and never look back. Really.

Sessions 5-6 (optional)

Follow Up and Feedback

This course will benefit you the most if you continue practising the techniques you have learned. Just like your toothbrush it needs to be used every day. I will provide you with regular email support during the course and you are welcome to ask for any further support with specific challenges, get a tune up if needed and ask any questions or queries you may have. Health and well being should be your primary focus, and Lalita will give you the tools to achieve just that.