The best team building coach there is – Graham Gourlay, team whisperer

  • Want the best team building coach there is? Graham Gourlay – widely known as the workplace toxin remover, will peel back the layers that create a toxic culture, and mine the gold that’s there. He’s the expert, and will have your team motoring like a well-oiled machine.
  • Experience and practice with others from your industry sector how to create a high performing/high wellbeing environment and how to maintain it.
  • Pass your new knowledge on to your work, or a group of colleagues or an entire workgroup or team can learn this process together and continue practicing, developing and strengthening their new skills together.
  • Once you have experienced and learned this scientifically validated approach, you’ll be able to create the desired, high performance/high well-being culture wherever your career takes you.


Work with the best team building coach there is. Begin now and find the success you deserve. Email Graham here for your free consultation.

Session 1

Graham works with you to identify your great experiences, building your work life into a positive platform to make sense of and draw on – it’s easy when you know how and what to look for.

Sessions 2 – 4

You will study different types of behaviours, how to deal with them, and how to take control of your vital part in your workplace.

Experience the sense of safety, trust and support from the work that emerges from Graham’s coaching, a new awareness of how you can bring the best out in yourself, and your workplace.

You will learn by doing – practising – how to build and maintain an empowered, high performing team using open, honest conversation and a positive approach.

Understanding that people love to work in these environments and workplaces is key to the breakthrough you’ll experience; it’s enjoyable, fun, satisfying, collaborative, stress and bullying-free!  Naturally – everyone is highly productive! Graham is the best team building coach there is. Experience it for yourself. 

Email Graham here for your free consultation.

Whether you’ve always been in the industry, or you’re brand new, Graham has the wisdom and experience to change your working life for the better, forever. He’s transferred his deep study of human nature and workplaces into a ground breaking course – so work with the best team building coach now. It’s an investment that will pay off for the rest of your working life.

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