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Throwdown: Feel – Release – Transform

  • Enhance your emotional skills to reduce the frequency and harmful effects of negative experiences, and welcome true freedom and resilience
  • Lalita Holmes has owned restaurants and businesses, and moved from debilitating illness to glowing health and is determined to help others
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“I am in control of my alcohol use, more in control of my life and have hope for the future. Thanks Lalita.” Bruce

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Mental Toolbox

  • Develop and practise new skills in stress management to better manage pressure, and gain the confidence to live the life you’ve always wanted. You will be your best self
  • Rachael Downie, trained in Canada under Bob Proctor, one of the world’s top coaches, will take you or your staff to the best place they can be. It’s mindset magnificence. Details here – Details here

“The little wins breed the big one. Rachael is a tremendous leader full of knowledge, wisdom, guidance, compassion and understanding and held me accountable. Thank you Rachael for changing my life.”