For the individual – tailored uniquely to you

Stressed? Anxious? Struggling with addiction? Get Off the Hotplate:

With Lalita, Get your Life on track 

  • Enhance your emotional skills to reduce the frequency and harmful effects of negative experiences, and welcome true freedom and resilience
  • Lalita Holmes has owned restaurants and businesses, and moved from debilitating illness to glowing health and is determined to help others
  • In just a short course, the skills you learn will change your life

Over the period of 4 weeks you will discover simple self-empowering techniques that you can use anywhere, any time that will  allow you to create the life you have always wanted. You will learn how to let go of your past and present reality that is no longer working for you and make lasting changes.

There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and support and you are encouraged to bring along any challenges you are experiencing and receive hands on practical guidance to address them.

By the end of the very first session you will walk away knowing how to use this technique to change any emotional, mental or physical state you would rather not be experiencing

Course Results:

  • How and why we have problems and how your mind works
  • How to release the blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • How to take control of your stress and emotions
  • Learn to release your old, unwanted habits and behaviours
  • Make changes in all areas of your life
  • Skills to handle any challenge that arises in your life
  • Ways to improve relationships at work and home life
  • Learn to heal old emotional hurts and become more emotionally intelligent

Book now and live the life you want. Email Lalita here for a free consultation.

“I am in control of my alcohol use, more in control of my life and have hope for the future. Thanks Lalita.” Bruce

Email Lalita here for a free consultation.

For personal growth and greatness, Get Off the Hotplate:

With Rachael, claim your Mental Toolbox

  • Develop and practise new skills in stress management to better manage pressure, and gain the confidence to live the life you’ve always wanted. You will be your best self
  • Rachael Downie, trained in Canada under Bob Proctor, one of the world’s top coaches, will take you or your staff to the best place they can be. It’s mindset magnificence.

Begin now to reach those goals. Email Rachael here for a free consultation.

Any aspect of hospitality is based on trust and collaboration. When you have those two in sync, then major changes for the better can, and do happen. Mental Toolbox really does cut through stress.

We always encourage all participants to return at least once a month for a short catch up session for the next few months, to tweak their M.O. and monitor their progress.

As Anthony Robbins said, “You never tune a piano just once,” so all good programs need that follow up and post-course care.

We are here for the long haul, and hopefully, so is a better industry. This is where it starts. Just ask if you need further support with specific challenges, get a tune up if needed and ask any questions or queries you may have.

“The little wins breed the big one. Rachael is a tremendous leader full of knowledge, wisdom, guidance, compassion and understanding and held me accountable. Thank you Rachael for changing my life.”

Email Rachael for more on how she can change your life for the better.