Testimonials – read why.

Here are just some of the testimonials our mentors have been sent by people who’ve changed their lives.. there’s many more

“You cannot put a price on the impact Rachael Downie and the Thinking into Results program has given me. With my business, personally, my family and my investments. An absolute life-changing mentor!! I highly encourage committing to the program. You will recognise the importance of being yourself, believing in yourself and changing past behaviour or patterns that can hold you back in business and personal life.  Focus on your goal and just go for it, take action every day. Break through your fears and experience the freedom and growth. It is a phenomenal feeling. The little wins breed the big one. Rachael is a tremendous leader full of knowledge, wisdom, guidance, compassion and understanding and held me accountable. I am truly grateful for the results that have shown up in my life.  Thank you Rachael for changing my life.”

Lisa Forster, Bachali Boutique, TAS

“Prior to working (here) I had a social work background and a long history of working with people who are struggling with very difficult issues; I have also undertaken numerous management course dealing with issues such as bullying and discrimination in the workplace.  In my experience Graham is the most highly skilled group facilitator that I have ever encountered.  I consider Graham Gourlay to be a remarkable teacher in this field and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to effect positive changes in their organisation.” MC, senior legal advisor, large national agency

Lalita Holmes is an amazing practitioner and I recommend anyone with chronic pain to book a session because I know it works. Thank you Lalita, for your loving support and the hard work you have put in to become an amazing practitioner empowering us to heal ourselves and reach our full potential.” Jill S Tasmania – Mental Health Worker

“I have just spent the last two days on Gil Sawford’s Career Planning Workshop.  This was the most challenging course I have ever been on, but at the same time, I got more out of it than any other course.  The presenter was EXCELLENT, the material was EXCELLENT, the content was EXCELLENT.

Thanks guys, for a couple of very rewarding days.” Department of Veterans Affairs, Tasmania,