Success for Off the Hotplate’s Happy Workplace Course.

Our Happy Workplace Course made a difference! The results are in: Industry Link (Tasmania’s top award winning Registered Training Organisation) commissioned our course for their latest intake of hospitality trainees and what happened? For the first time ever, they had not one drop out from the course.

The secret? Our course, delivered by Graham Gourlay and Gil Sawford, who are guns at what they do. Together, we had created a hospitality-centric course based on the workplace, emotional resilience and people management courses they’ve been delivering around Australia for a while.

What happened? The trainees created a workplace group based on principles of respect, mutual support, and were given  tools and skills to carry with them throughout their working lives. It made a real difference to these students who loved the challenge of being proactive in the workplace, and knowing how to have those difficult conversations we all dread.

Industry Link instantly commissioned our course for the next cohort, and we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration. Graham and Gil are experts at what they do. They drive the module – which fitted perfectly within one of the government’s established elective subjects – with care, empathy, and deep knowledge of workplace dynamics.

What’s next? Off the Hotplate is an initiative driven by passion from, and for the industry. We’re looking to create a better industry from the inside out, one that young kids and life changers will find attractive and see as a viable option for a career. It has, and will, drop the 86% apprentice attrition rate that has been the horror story for many years now.

We’re working on creating videos that HR Managers, Hospitality Managers, Owner/operators and industry groups can access easily and bring these skills to stop the churn and burn that is so costly to an already struggling industry. We can also deliver the courses now via Zoom, in real time, transforming your workplace into the high functioning, stable and supportive team we all yearn for.

Recently, I got up at sparrow’s to chew the fat with Ryk Goddard at ABC Radio, and the link to the interview is below. Have a listen, and contact us if you want to chat about the hows and when of delivery to your team or management. If you want to read about the course, click here.

We’re here, now, making a difference with the best there is in the workplace ecosystem, and we can transform your team dynamics in a few inspiring hours. Thank you Tony Kennedy, Michelle Brennan and Michael Norton for allowing us to show what we can do at Industry Link, and creating a difference. The package is here, now, ready. 

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Chrissie 🙂

Ryk Goddard and our interview on ABC Radio here.