“The greatest gap in life is the gap between knowing and doing.”  John. C. Maxwell

For the best team there is

Culture ShapingGraham Gourlay shows you how to establish and maintain the workplace team environment you deserve - let the workplace toxin guru show you how. 

Building successIn a ground breaking win/win course, Gil Sawford shows your staff how to find their best fit, and help their workplace thrive.

For such a small investment, the payback is enormous. Click on the photos above to see the full details of each course.

You'll wonder where we've been all this time! 

Courses can be delivered by video, for you to access when you need, live on line using Zoom (we'll send you a link - it's easy) or live in your workplace, tailored to you. Just tell us your needs and we'll respond.


Additional Services - just ask

Real-time coaching

  • If things are tough – if you're tired and stressed – it's time to talk over what’s happening with an experienced, qualified workplace relationships coach.
  • The conversation is built to turn your workplace experience around

Real-time career advice

  • If you're wondering whether you are on the right path for you and would like to explore your options, then speak with our experienced careers advisor. Help is here for you. Now.

Interactive, workplace climate-shaping consultancy

  • If you would like hands-on, expert guidance and support to shape and maintain the workplace environment you would like to have – to align it with your and your colleagues’ wishes, making it highly professional, fun, enjoyable, rewarding, healthy, respectful, safe, high performing – we can tailor our services to you and your workgroup’s needs. This could involve regular meetings with the workgroup for a limited period.
  • A substantial discount is available if we are able to work with more than one group on each visit to a city. A further discount is available where members of a group agree to complete a survey both before and after the consultancy service.