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Rachel Smith profiles the hotplate, and easing the pressure

Easing the pressure Rachael Smith, in writing for Restaurant and Caterers’ Association Magazine, shines the spotlight on Off the Hotplate, and why it’s so needed in the industry today. Rachel interviewed me and others about pressure, our whys and wheres, and comes to the conclusion that yes, the industry needs to change. Now. Here’s her…


Rachael Downie shares her recovery wisdom

For recovery wisdom: Sharpen the Saw Here, Rachael shares some dynamite recovery wisdom. Something all hospitality peeps need to acknowledge and accept. Tired is as tired does, and burn out helps no one.  “I attended a conference a number of years ago where one of the speakers talked about Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly…


The front of house divide: Where’s the team building?

That front of house divide can loom large in too many restaurants, and create a schism that is fatal for the business. Team building exists in way too few businesses. Here, Damien Lowe who, like me, has trodden both paths, shares his take on the reasons, and a solution. I’m not sure I agree that…