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Chef talk: Henry Anderson, on board with marine catering

Henry Anderson has what seemed to me an unusual job –  marine catering. I was interested – exactly what is marine catering? He consults on big ships, bringing their kitchens (i.e. galleys) into shape and training their staff to deliver amazing quality food to ship’s officers and crew on time, and on budget, in line…

cheftalk-christian-heidenreich-Port Douglas Bill Clinton 1996

Chef talk: Christian Heidenreich, a chef with ‘no regrets’

A good chef can travel the world and always work, always contribute, and that’s the core driver for Christian Heidenreich, whose home in Austria was a springboard to the world. Christian considers himself still a chef today, and he will always be a chef, even though it’s been 8 years since he dug deep in…


Hospitality Talk: The pub menu – from pub grub to… where?

What is it about pubs these days? No longer content with pub grub, they’re reaching out to other markets. And customers now, I guess are picky, and spoilt for choice. It’s true, isn’t it? We have so many dining options that making a decision about where to dine is hard to do. And then when…