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Hilton Hotel corridor

Hostage: The Covid Caper Chapter 6 Hilton

Lyndey Milan and John arrive at the Hilton, and it soon becomes disappointingly clear that the government is flying by the seat of its pants, and they’re in tatters:  Day 1 Isolation The city streets were all but deserted. It was a strange feeling – back to On the Beach. I thanked my lucky stars…

Food waiting for people who've gone missing

Hostage: The Covid Caper Chapter 5 Crown Promenade

Landing in Santiago at one in the morning is fine – the airport’s quiet, and most of the other passengers on our flight from Brazil are obviously heading to Australia too. But as we make our way through customs, quietly lining up in queues, masks on and socially distanced, the camp stretchers along the corridors…

Hilton Hotel arrival with baby

Hostage: The Covid Caper, Chapter 4, Hilton Hotel

 Janice and Archie (4 years old) at the Hilton Hotel Janice* ends up staying in the same hotel, close to Lyndey Milan, but her circumstances are different again, and the difficulties she faces after a traumatic trip across Asia are huge. With a tiny son who’d had to leave his dad and home in Asia…