Christine Matheson-Green provides stress management in a first for the industry

Dip.T., B.A., Chef de Cuisine
Founder, Off The Hotplate

Need some stress management? Running a restaurant is truly a business of battle. It is always a 'theatre' and the most successful chefs are there because they understand that. And it's 'war' because the poor restaurateur, or chef, or staff are always at war with something or someone.

Christine coaches business owners and managers, and has published her memoirs, Theatre of War: The Art of Running a Restaurant, where she dishes the craziness of 25 years and ten restaurants in Queensland's era of crime and the Fitzgerald Inquiry. She began Off the Hotplate to help and support the industry she loves, and to cater to an ever-growing audience of foodies spanning the globe. 

Having been written up in the USA as well as Australia, Christine knows the pressures the industry faces. Off the Hotplate is a wonderful opportunity for her to give back to the industry, and if it makes just one chef's life better, then she'll feel it succeeded. See Christine on Linked In.

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Graham Gourlay

MPA (Mgmt), MBus (Org Change & Consulting) Grad Cert (Research)

Graham has been a researcher and policy advisor in the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet (DPM&C), and managed the Prime Ministers’, other Parliamentary Leaders’ and Ministers’ Offices as well as executive decision-making (Cabinet) and coordination processes across whole-of-government.

He worked as an investigator into the conduct of government agencies for a Royal Commission and the Commonwealth Ombudsman and went on to initiate and manage organisational rejuvenation, improvement and culture change programs in a range of agencies. Stress management? He's done it all. 

Graham also worked in the private sector (in organisation development & employee motivation for BHP-Billiton; in business development for an international software company; in commercial management for Telstra), in local government (organisation development) and in not-for-profits. He has been an internal organisational and culture change consultant, executive and workplace coach at the ATO and as a behavioural and performance coach for executives, staff and teams at DPM&C, the ATO and the Parliamentary Departments.   Graham now runs his own organisational consultancy practice (‘Run to Work Pty Ltd’).

Graham’s consulting practice and research interests are grounded in the fields of positive psychology, organisational behaviour, dialogue, EI and social-analysis (humans in relationship). 

His lifelong passion is for helping workgroups make their members’ lives in organisations more collaborative, engaging and satisfying, for all (both clients and staff) – and their workplaces more high performing overall.

Join Graham and thrive!

For more on Graham on Linked In click here.

Lalita Holmes

Lalita Holmes

Faster EFT Practitioner, Mental Health & Addiction Counsellor, Pain Coach

Lalita has owned and operated restaurants, catering businesses and a food manufacturing business with her husband. She knows first hand the toll stress takes on hospitality staff. Chronic stress can be debilitating to both our mental and physical states and linked to most of life’s illnesses and diseases.

Lalita’s system of Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation is a revolutionary method of stress management that combines the best of Western therapy (modern psychology, neuroscience and brain chemistry) with traditional Eastern acupressure techniques. FEFT can help you overcome trauma, anxiety, depression,fears and phobia, addiction, relationship problems, sleep issues and much more. Faster EFT is fast, direct and goes to the root cause of the problem.

With a sound background in Addiction Counseling, and working as a Wellness Coach for over 20 years using natural health practices, Lalita's search for solutions to her own problems as well as her clients led her to embracing Meridian Tapping Faster EFT style. 

“I have a passion and commitment to help people become informed and empowered to take back control of their personal health and well-being. Not just alleviate their suffering, but to improve their life for good. Not just feeling better but living better consistently by being self aware, self responsible and self empowered.”

Lalita now has a practice that spans the globe. She gives presentations to organizations, holds community events and helps and supports her clients from all walks of life.  She has turned her hospitality clients’ lives around – from burn out, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and addiction.  All who are now thriving and taking back full emotional control of their lives. 

For more on Lalita, on Linked In click here.

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gil sawford

Gil Sawford


Gil Sawford specialises in the strategic match and alignment between an organisation’s business direction and its people.  He is an expert in the fields of organisational development and change management.  He advises private, community and public sector organisations on human resources management and organisational development challenges and opportunities, working extensively with communities, organisations and individuals undergoing change.

Gil translates academic theory into practical business applications that achieve concrete, measurable business outcomes – for example:

  • Change Management Processes leading to organisational restructuring
  • Leadership and Management programs that drive cultural change
  • Personal Change programs that lead to the right people in the right jobs
  • Future Directions workshops that result in organisational change
  • Team Development that builds organisational cohesion
  • Building Personal Success processes that increase productivity and motivation

He is also the Human Resources advisor for WLF Accounting & Advisory, the largest Tasmanian owned professional services firm.  

This wealth of experience helps Gil understand and connect with the needs and challenges of his corporate and individual clients.

Gil is at the leading edge of his field.  His work on the integration of the individual’s personal plan with that of the organisation is becoming recognised as a vital missing link in contemporary management understanding and practice.  

Join Gil and find your Rightplacement now!

For more on Gil on Linked In click here.

Rachael Downie

Rachael Downie

B.Agr. Sci. (Hons), B.Teach., M.Ed.
Results Mentor, Australian Facilitator of Thinking Into Results
Certified Consultant, Proctor Gallagher Institute

Rachael Downie is a results mentor and someone who is truly focused on converting your thinking into results. The course helps you by setting big worthy goals, closing your knowing-doing gaps, shifting old paradigms and forming success habits that will last a life-time. Rachael has been helping people create the life they want and fulfilling their dreams over the past 6 years.

“So often, there’s a disconnect between our emotions, and the world outside. I call it the ‘knowing/doing’ gap. Let me close that gap and get you back out to where you should be.”

Not only with a background in Education, Teaching and Consultancy, Rachael has also worked in hospitality. Rachael has coached and consulted at all levels with ground staff, professionals, government departments, and has a unique ability to facilitate transformative practices for growth and change at an individual and team level. She feels compelled to help everyone she meets to live their best lives, in the best way they can.

She loves nothing more than to see individuals and teams do things they didn’t think were possible.

“I want to help people set and achieve big, beautiful and bold goals. To go beyond what they thought was possible for themselves and their lives. My biggest buzz is seeing my clients take control of their life and live their dreams”.

For more on Rachael on Linked In click here.

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