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YOU can make the difference in your workplace with the right skills. Get Off the HOTPLATE. Your Team Building, People Management and Stress Management Resource

What is Off the Hotplate?

We deliver emotional, stress and people management. Learn from the best, access your Off the Hotplate toolbox and remember we are here to help.

For the culinary industry, Off the Hotplate is a new approach.  We give you the skills, knowledge and ability to survive the furnace, and thrive.

And we're already making a difference! We cut the drop out rate of apprentices to Zero at an award-winning RTO. Watch this space...

Christine’s brilliant memoir Theatre of War is available now!

A rollicking trip through 9 restaurants and the Chefs, thieves and rogues she duelled with daily… Buckle up, it’s a rough ride. “Laugh out loud! A terrific read!” 


"I had 10 successful restaurants as owner/chef and 25 years in blasting hot kitchens. Burn out became a boomerang and I fell out of love with cooking, and the industry. 

Then I started seeing the suicide rate, the burn out rate, the collateral damage of high pressure on families and society as a whole and decided we needed a solution. Mental health and emotional intelligence need more than just talk lines or questions with no answers. People need real solutions - teaching people those emotional management skills that are tragically missing in everyone's education. 

Off the Hotplate was born, and I was reborn with a drive to bring this to an industry and people who deserve better. And working in other industries since, I saw they could all benefit from this. After all, it's about people. Simple." ~ Christine Matheson Green - for more on Christine on Linked In click here: 

These methods work. So what's stopping you?

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What can we do for you?

“Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team.” – John C. Maxwell

Fuel your fire! 


Real-time coaching

Real-time career advice

Interactive, workplace climate-shaping consultancy - contact us now.

What are you waiting for? Jump in and just do it!

Life is great when you know how.

Why not access our courses with practical exercises that give you the skills to survive the furnace?


Chef talk: Paul Rifkin leads our culinary leaders

Funny isn’t it? How life sometimes seems to have its own plan for us, and Paul Rifkin, recently resigned as Executive Chef at the Campbelltown Catholic Club where he ruled the stoves for nearly 17 years, is a prime example of that. Paul fell into cooking, having begun an archaeology degree at uni, followed by an apprenticeship…

Hospitality Talk: The anatomy of taste – it’s not all in your mouth

The anatomy of taste. For chefs, a great sense of taste would appear to be essential. How can you create great dishes without that ability to judge the flavour palate of any dish? While it’s used as a metaphor for our choices in much more than food, taste, the palate and its preferences are fundamental…

Chef talk: Nick Filsell, unapologetically himself.

Nick Filsell knows that being an executive chef is a big job and it takes a broad and deep skill set to do it well. Finding the time to also support the great managers and team of his “love child” – Lost in a Forest, is just one of many shake your head ‘how does…


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