Today’s wisdom from Rachael: The butterfly doesn’t need our help

Rachael shares with us some wisdom in a beautiful story. There’s a story attributed to Henry Miller about a little boy who lived in India who walks up to a Guru – an Indian wise man – who’s sitting and looking at something in his hand. The little boy asks him – “What is that?”…


Stepping out – of your comfort zone

Part of Rachael’s work includes getting clients to take a long hard look at their lives. What works, what doesn’t. Stepping out of that comfort zone is a good start. “Today, seriously consider the impact that each and every decision you are making has on your life. It’s easy to go on autopilot and proceed…


Hospitality and handling the heat

 Handling the heat in hospitality Here’s an interview journalist James McGrath did with me about my new project, and the issues facing hospitality. Have a read and let me know what you think. Chrissie 🙂 By James McGrath on 25th Jan 2018 Being your own boss and running your own show in the hospitality game…